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My Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes

Looking back, my biggest retirement-planning mistakes had nothing to do with money. Rather, they resulted from not thinking things through and not having a good retirement lifestyle plan in place, for when I did retire. Because of that, it took me a couple of years to figure things out and get things right after retiring. […]

Time To Level Up

I haven’t been sleeping well recently but it’s not a bad thing as I’m just excited about all of the wonderful things that are finally coming together after a lot of hard work. I started working on Victory Lap Retirement with Jonathan in early 2015 and it was released in the fall of 2016. It […]

The Power of Relationships and Community

In his bestselling book “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell talked about the magical town of Roseto in eastern Pennsylvania. The town was established by a group of people who immigrated from Roseto, Italy looking for a better life in the late 1890s. When they sent word back to Italy about the exciting possibilities that existed in the […]

Finding Your Sweet Spot

One of my friends over in our “Younger Next Year” Facebook group posted this photo and I smiled while I looked at it knowing that I had found my ‘Ikigai” my own “sweet spot.” No, let me rephrase that, I didn’t actually find it, I created it. I purposely designed it for myself and since […]

Grey Divorce

For those of you in a relationship I’d be surprised if you did not realize that when it comes to happiness in life, how well you get along with your partner will have the biggest impact. Your partner is the person you’ll spend the most time with and if the relationship sours, it will take […]

In Victory Lap It’s Not About “More Money”

My view about money has changed since I left the corporate world, why I thought? Early in my life I was lead to believe that money was the most important measure, the one thing that matters on a personal scorecard. I became wired to succeed, earn promotions and win awards. All in the pursuit of […]

When You Retire Where Do All Your Friends Go?

This question comes up at many presentations I make on Victory Lap Retirement. A strong social network is key to our happiness and longevity. Friendships enrich our lives we should always look to build our social network and build relationships with people we care about. The challenge for all of us is that we are […]

Time To Stop Following The Retirement Herd

We are all social animals, crave interaction and generally don’t like being alone. We enjoy that feeling of togetherness and of being part of something bigger—the added comfort and safety that comes with being part of a group or a  herd. The herd protects individuals from being singled out, and in the animal kingdom provides […]