Entries by Rob Morrison, CFP®

Starting the Conversation

How many great and important things in life start with a simple conversation? Consider some of the most important relationships, accomplishments and memories in your life. How many started that simply? Most of them, probably. Let’s think about this as it relates to retirement. In my experience building financial plans for clients, the biggest obstacle […]

Five Years Sooner

Time is probably the most precious commodity that we have. Over the years, as my career as a financial planner unfolds, I have become borderline obsessed with the idea of optimization. How do we optimize? It’s part of my work as I think about the best way to optimize portfolios and help clients accelerate themselves […]

Starting Your Victory Lap

I’ve worked with and talked to a number of people over the years who have made a successful shift into their Victory Lap. There are lots of ways people go about, but in my observation, the process is quite consistent. If you’re mulling over a switch from the fast lane to victory lane, here are […]