What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle coaching helps clients adapt and transition to life after their principal career ends and their wonderful Victory Lap begins.

What  can  you expect?

A methodical process supported by seasoned former financial industry experts. The process will empower you to deal with this major life changing process, to give you the tools to build and live your best possible life. At the end of the coaching process you will have a lifestyle plan for your reference and share with your financial advisor to help you refine your financial plan and provide a great reference tool.

How long does coaching take?

It varies by individual and timing will be impacted by various factors including; your financial situation, if you have an existing lifestyle plan, if you are suffering from retirement shock, etc. People come to retirement coaching for different reasons and we will tailor the coaching to suit your needs. In our experience it takes most people 6 months to deal with all the changes and feelings that come with retirement, and to build a lifestyle plan.


Let’s talk about your needs and we will develop a quote

How do I get started?

Contact us at: victorylapretirement@gmail.com


Mike continues to book public and private speaking events and presentations around southern Ontario.  Mike is available for  speaking events, workshops and group coaching. If you are interested please contact Mike .

Here is a list of the upcoming events.  Mike would love to meet you at one of his events. Hope to see you soon.