Victory Lap Lifestyle Profile #3

It’s Never Too Late

Active Retirement and HobbiesMany people have heard the story about Grandma Moses who started painting when she was seventy-five years old and still managed to have a twenty-six-year career. Stories like hers seem so distant, so outside the realm of possibility, that it is hard to relate to. That is why I love the following story which was provided to me by our publicist Debby, below is her personal account of how her husband followed his passion and created a dream Victory Lap. A story like this is close to home so it takes on a whole new meaning. Enjoy!

Sjon de Groot worked in the pharmaceutical industry most of his life – his degree was in the sciences, as was his work, and he spent forty years being a good employee, a good son, a good husband and a good father – using all his psychic energy and left brain to get through every day and keep earning the perfect income.

Sjon’s true calling however, was art, but he sublimated that for years until finally fate intervened and gave him the opportunity for his Victory Lap – he got laid off, well and suddenly, years before retirement.

After the initial shock and identity crisis wore off, he began to see it as a message.  Time to make necessary changes to his lifestyle, and he did!  He invested the payout to keep the bills ticking for two years and disappeared into his studio and painted and painted, finally emerging with over 200 pieces of work.

Now a well-exhibited, emerging artist in Toronto, his take-home income equals what he was earning in the corporate world, corporate life is expensive, in every way!

Now his only advice to boomer men – “just do it, life is too short!”

Many people have a secret dream buried inside them but are hesitant to chase after it fearing that they are too old, the effort required will be too hard and that they might fail. If Sjon could do it there is no reason why you can’t do it to. Maybe it’s time to reconsider.

Top 50 Over 50 Awards

AGEWORKS is a company committed to reducing the ageism stigma and debunking myths about older people in both the workplace and marketplace.  AGEWORKS not only raises awareness of issues associated with ageism but introduces tangible initiatives to celebrate companies who engage in age-friendly business and employee practices, build intergenerational respect and to create employment opportunities for people 50+ through seminars, workshops, services and programs.  Everyone has heard about The Top 30 Over 30.  AGEWORKS believes that celebrating the accomplishments of people over 50 is just as important; that age does not define an individual and what we can and cannot do.  They will be recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of successful individuals over 50;  individuals who have reinvented themselves, who have found their true purpose and calling and who have followed the road less travelled. These individuals will be acknowledged at their Gala event in the fall of 2017 and serve as an inspiration that you’re never too old to make significant changes in your career via reinvention, pursuing a long-held dream or redefining what it means to be successful. If you are someone or know someone who has made a positive change to their lives after 50, please visit their  TOP 50 OVER 50 WEBPAGE and fill out an application form. Hope to see you at the Gala!

VLR Boot Camp Week # 2

Current Weight:  238 lbs

Starting Weight:  237 lbs

When I checked my weight and discovered that I had actually gained a pound I almost fell off the scale. How could that be after working out so much and staying away from desserts and snacks the past week? Actually it’s quite common to gain weight at the beginning of a program as some of your fat is converted into muscle which is heavier. The truth lies in your body composition and how you feel. Your going in the right direction no matter what the scale says if your pants are starting to feel a little looser and your body is starting to feel a little tighter and thankfully mine do!

I’m swimming three times a week and have started doing walking hill climbs at least every other day.  I have a 1k hill just outside my door which makes it easy for me to get to and the Contessa and I try to do three repeats per session usually after dinner. The weather has really improved which means the bikes will be coming out of the basement this week as well. I’m starting to get into a routine and feel good about my progress. About time!


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