101 Awesome Things #4-The Beauty Of Taking A Nap

Gerry and I were in Kitchener earlier this week giving an early morning talk on VLR and afterward we both went home to enjoy a quick little recovery nap. It was simply awesome being able to do this and it’s a shame that napping is frowned upon in our workaholic Western culture. Even the Contessa looks down upon it and associates it with being lazy so between just you and me I practice what I call “stealth napping” and it’s a beautiful thing.

Naps have a bad rap but in reality they are one of the most powerful tools for self-improvement. They can increase not only our health and well-being but our intelligence and productivity as well. History is full of famous nappers like Edison, Churchhill and Napoleon and if it was good enough for them who am I to argue? Maybe if more people took naps the world wouldn’t be as crazy as it currently is.

The Spanish have it right enjoying their siestas giving their brains a rest and their bodies a chance to heal!! Seriously, napping is simply awesome. Instead of spending money on Five Star Energy or Starbucks just take a nap and boost your energy the old natural way, best of all it’s free!

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