“Mike and Jonathan say the full-stop retirement doesn’t work anymore, and I agree. Start planning your Victory Lap.”

Rob Carrick, Personal Finance Columnist, The Globe and Mail

“The new retirement-planning model requires new styles of planning and preparedness, and that is what you’ll find in Victory Lap Retirement. This masterpiece provides powerful tips, techniques, and secrets that can transform a boring, traditional retirement into an exciting one.”

From the Foreword, by Ernie Zelinski, best-selling author of How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free and The Joy of Not Working

“This book truly resonated with me. I personally experienced ‘Sudden Retirement Syndrome’ until I created my own Victory Lap. The advice for achieving financial independence—Findependence—is rock solid and essential to healthy, happy, later-life security. This is a must-read for people of any age planning their life cycles.”

Dr. Sherry Cooper, Chief Economist, Dominion Lending Centres; Former Executive Vice-President and Chief Economist, BMO Financial Group

“You don’t have to stop working in retirement. You can design an ‘encore career’ that keeps you from depleting your savings too soon and provides an alternative to doing nothing. Boredom is the elephant in the room, say Mike Drak and Jon Chevreau, who build on their own experiences to help you embark on your own Victory Lap.”

Ellen Roseman, personal finance journalist with Toronto Star, author, continuing education instructor, and Victory Lap enthusiast

 “I’ve long believed that the idea of retiring at sixty-five is as outdated as the horse and buggy. You could live another thirty years or more. What are you going to do with that time? This book can help you find the answers.”

Gordon Pape, Bestselling Author and Publisher of The Internet Wealth Builder and The Income Investor

“Jon and Mike reframe the idea of retirement as a smart twist on an age-old dilemma. The science of well-being later in life tells us we need to have a purpose—why not make a few bucks while you’re at it? This book will open your mind to what your Victory Lap might be if the thought of doing nothing at some point is foreign to you.”

Larry Berman, Host of BNN’s Berman’s Call, and Chief Investment Officer, ETF Capital Management

“I’ve always believed once you have your financial house in order it would free you up to do the things you love to do and would give your life more meaning and balance. Imagine the luxury of working because you want to, not because you have to. No one wants life to become a series of takeaways. Stay in the game. Enjoy and thrive during your ‘Victory Lap.’”

Patricia Lovett-Reid, Chief Financial Commentator, CTV News

“A ‘new age’ approach to enjoying a more fulfilling and sustainable retirement lifestyle that you can embrace, customize and implement. Bravo!”

—Daryl Diamond, Author of Your Retirement Income Blueprint

“Too many of us treat financial independence as the end game but that’s the wrong approach. Financial independence, or Findependence, should be seen as the start line of a new chapter of life. Rather than focusing on how to get to Findependence, Victory Lap Retirement focuses on life after Findependence and how to create and maintain a healthy, satisfying, and self-fulfilling lifestyle. Easy and informative to read, everyone working toward Findependence should read Victory Lap Retirement.”

—Tawcan from www.tawcan.com, Early-Retirement Blogger

“Chevreau and Drak have pulled off the informative and entertaining sequel to Findependence DayVictory Lap is a fun book that everyone of all ages should read.”

Diane Francis, National Post Editor-at-Large

“Jon and I have had many stimulating discussions about our parallel ‘working retirements.’ I urge everyone to read Victory Life Retirement to discover how to achieve your own ‘Findependence Day.’ This will free you financially so you can embrace an encore career that will make you jump out of bed every morning with a smile on your face.”

Sheryl Smolkin, Journalist, Pension Lawyer

“Chevreau and Drak’s primer on how to transition to retirement by outlining how to work while you play is full of helpful tips on how to align habits with long-term goals. You’ll be richer for reading it.”

Julie Cazzin, Senior Editor, MoneySense

“Like pioneers documenting their personal journey into the new uncharted lands of redesigning retirement, Jonathan and Mike offer valuable insights and survival strategies to help properly prepare those who will follow in their quest to this new frontier.”

Doug Dahmer, Founder, Emeritus Retirement Income Specialists