Summertime And Living Is Easy

Well warm weather has finally arrived in southern Ontario so we can finally start to think about summer, longer days, warmer nights, trips to the cottage and campfires. One of the joys of Victory Lap Retirement (VLR) is that you now have the time and the ability to decide how you will spend your time. To that end we have decided to cut back on our blogs until September, instead we will enjoy the warm weather, focus on our families, travel, and continue to work on building our small business.
We will continue to share the occasional blog and will remain active on Twitter and Facebook so keep your eyes out for us. Mike can also be heard on various media outlets talking about VLR. In the fall we will be out doing presentations across Ontario. If you or your group would like a presentation or would like to discuss individual or group coaching please contact us we would be happy to discuss.

As Mike has shared in previous blogs building a business from nothing is no easy task and we have a new appreciation for the entrepreneurs we served in our banking career. Mike should be very proud of what he has accomplished since leaving the corporate world. First co-authoring a book with Jonathan was no easy task and to have it become a best seller well that is icing on the cake. Mike accomplished this through hard work, perseverance and a real desire to help people. It certainly was not for the money, as I have pointed out to him on numerous occasions. Sure Mike has made “play money” but not without a lot of sweat and time. Mike fervently believes he can help people transition into retirement and avoid the challenges/stress he faced during his transition. We would love to help more people but getting the word out and accepted has its challenges including:

  • Many people are embarrassed when they “have” to leave their long time employer. Going from a position of power to unemployed/retired requires adjustment. Honestly it is never easy no matter how bad work may have been, the loss of a job is something many of us never or rarely experienced and now at our advanced age well this is new territory. For various reasons people don’t want to talk about their situation but rather try to figure it out for themselves.
  • Many people feel retirement is easy if you have the money, then it is just vacations and golfing. Why do they need help?
  • Many people confidently go and find new employment doing work similar to what they have done for the last 20 plus years. Easy, right, they have great skills an impressive CV why wouldn’t they just continue their career? But is it the best course of action for them?
  • Many people have not heard of “lifestyle” coaching largely because it is a very new concept. Until recently when people thought of retirement they thought of an advisor in the financial industry. The old way of thinking is if your financial house is in order then your retirement house was in order. Not true, but at least you will have no financial worries.

We have discussed and debunked these topics and more in Victory Lap Retirement, in our blog and during our presentations. We continue to believe there is a better way to thrive in retirement, but there is still more to do and lots of work ahead so we will persevere on spreading the VLR message and helping people along the way. The summer will give us a chance to recharge and get ready for a busy fall, however if you think we can help you or someone you know we would be happy to do individual or small group coaching. Please contact us if you would like to discuss.

Until the fall we wish you a happy and healthy summer filled with new adventures and memories.

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4 thoughts on “Summertime And Living Is Easy

  1. Steve Reply

    Have a good summer Mike and Gerry. I’m an avid reader of your weekly blog. I’m still working, turn 65 in August, and will keep it going with my current employer until my number is called.
    My Victory Lap is not fully planned out but your insights and commentary have helped me recognize that it’s a whole new ball game in VL and I’m looking forward to being an active player. Until the fall 👊


    • Mike Drak Reply

      Thank you for your kind comments. Enjoy your work time and the planning for your VLR👍

  2. Simon Reply

    Missing the VLR blog as part of my weekly routine. I hope both of you are enjoying the summer! Looking forward to reading about your adventures in the fall.

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