This week’s blog will be a little shorter, it is the summer so this will allow you to have a quick read then get out and enjoy the warm weather, after all Labour Day is just around the corner.
When I was working full time, the company’s fiscal year end was October 31, so the fall was a time to review achievements and plan for the new fiscal year, I still take this attitude into my personal life. As many of you finish enjoying the summer it is a good time to review your life style and financial plans and take time to think about life after your first career.

To that end I wanted to share with you an article I just read on Elite Business which referenced a survey done in the UK by Barclays Business Bank. The survey found “olderpreneurs”, entrepreneurs over the age of 65, had increased by over 140% in the UK between 2006-16. This is wonderful news and once again proves that age should not be a barrier to what we do next including starting a new business. We have written in this blog before that this is an unprecedented time in history for new opportunities after your first career. Our parents could never have imagined how the work landscape would have changed and the opportunities that exist today. Web businesses were unheard not so long ago, but today provide a great opportunity for many “would be” entrepreneurs. But don’t limit yourself to web base businesses when you think about your Victory Lap, think bigger for yourself think about what is in “the art of the possible”.

Your plans don’t have to be large and costly either, there are many opportunities to start a business without putting all your retirement funds at risk. There was an article published on which showed 5 businesses that you can start for less than $10,000 these include house cleaner, photographer, and freelance writer. These business might not be of interest to you but it shows there are lots of opportunities out there outside of the traditional corporate job working 9-5. If you have read our book Victory Lap Retirement, and if you have not you can order your copy on this website, Amazon or your local bookstore, you will have seen the story about my dad who delivered pet food after he left his first career. He loved that job! Many of you might be asking “How do you go from being a senior manager to a house cleaner or delivering dog food?” My advice, shed the need to measure yourself against other people’s view of what success or achievement means. Probably for the first time in your life you have the opportunity to write your own narrative. You can set the parameters, lay out what is important to you, what you enjoy, and how often you want to work, you don’t have to worry about your former work colleagues who are still driven by climbing the corporate ladder. Wish them well and do what works for you. You might not find the ideal fit , right away and that is okay, if at first you don’t succeed, try again. It is an exciting time to be living or considering your Victory Lap. Enjoy.

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