Managing Time in Victory Lap Retirement

Clock FaceDuring my visits with my mother at her nursing home, I tend to observe and think a lot. After all these years, I smile when I see that she is still teaching me lessons about life. It was there that I realized that my own game clock was ticking down, two periods done with one to go and I was running out of time to do the things I still wanted to accomplish before it was game over. Time is fleeting and it is best to use it to your full advantage while you still can.


Each Week Has Only 168 Hours – Use Them Well!

Each week, no matter who you are, each of us has 168 hours at our disposal. It doesn’t natter if you are Warren Buffet or Bill Gates or Mike Drak we all have the same 168 hours. The key for us is what we decide to spend those 168 hours on.

Most of us will spend on average 56 hours each week sleeping.

We will spend another 40 plus hours working or thinking about work.

We will spend another 10 hours each week commuting to and from work.

We will spend another 34 hours watching TV and on social media, which is kind of scary when you think about it.

After all the uses of time listed above you are left with just 28 hours, the bulk of which will be spent on the usual things you need to do on a regular basis. Cooking, eating, cleaning, showering, shopping, yard work, dropping the kids off at school and the list goes on and on.

It’s easy to see that when you deduct the time required for the above from your remaining 28 hours you really don’t have much time left over for the real important things in life: family, friends, working out and other leisure activities.

Now, everyone has a different week and so will have a slightly different breakdown. When I did my own calculations though, it scared me and made me start thinking about what I could eliminate or cut back from my daily routine that would free up more time, time that could be invested into the things that really mattered.


Have We Become Addicted to Our iPhones?

One area that I looked at was how much time I spent looking at my iPhone checking emails and other stuff. Did you know that the average user checks their iPhone 110 times a day and up to every 6 minutes in the evening? Why do I have to check my iPhone first thing in the morning and before I go to bed at night?

Another area I looked into was how much time I spent watching business and world news on TV. I really don’t understand why I watch so much BNN because I tend to buy and hold my stocks for the long term. I even have my own investment advisor and the reason I pay them so much money is that it’s their job to take care of things for me and worry about where the market is going. So why am I wasting so much time watching the stock channel? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?


A New Promise to Myself

Achieving Financial Independence gave me the freedom to use my time however I wanted, but now I find that a good part of my “free time” has been taken over by the TV/Internet/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn to name a few. Thank God I don’t play video games or it would cost me even more time!

I’ve made a promise to myself to create a simpler life and reduce or eliminate my exposure to some of these distractions. Most social networking is a waste of time in my opinion and I need to reduce the level of information coming my way before I drown. I’ve already started to unsubscribe to email lists in order to reduce the number of incoming emails the bulk of which I don’t even read anyways.

I still need to use the computer to do my blog, but I will make a conscious effort towards reducing the noise and trying to create an optimum information/technology balance. The time I free up will be invested in my health goals, an area that I have largely ignored while writing the book. You can never get your health back if you lose it so this area is a priority for me in the days ahead.

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