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We are publishing early this week as I will be heading to run a marathon later in the week. Back to our regular time next week.

I sit here on our cottage deck watching the rain pour down on another long weekend! Is it just me or does that seem to happen a lot! In my career at least for the last few years of it, we would live for the weekends when for a while we could recharge our batteries enjoy time with friends, watch a movie or game on TV. Forget about the work that was no longer feeding the soul. If you happened to have rain you would figure out a way to make the best of it, read a good book, play euchre, chat, nap, but it was not the same. And there was the lake beckoning… Now a days in Victory Lap it is suppose to be sunny on Monday so I will get out then.

Instead of being on the deck the TV is on in the background. We have a new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  An estimated 1 billion people around the world find time to tune into a Royal Wedding. The critics will say what a waste of money and there is the “1%” spending $41MM on a wedding while people around the world live in horrible conditions. We have another school shooting in the USA, I believe that is 16 since the beginning of the year. So sad!  War in the middle east, Ebola in Uganda, genocide in so many countries I have lost count. While there is a lot of truth that the money could be better spent elsewhere also true is the idea that we all need to see positive images and the humanity that is still out there bringing joy and positive images to fill our minds. I did not watch the wedding today except when I passed my wife who was watching to get a coffee. Still every news site and twitter was filled with images. Pictures of Harry wiping tears of joy from his eyes, a glowing bride, a black pastor from the USA quoting Martin Luther King’s message of hope. I think the world needs these images if for no other reason than to give us a respite from all the negative images that bombard us daily. We can discuss the merits of royalty, weddings, designer clothes, etc. next week.

Mike has blogged many times over the last couple of years about trying to find something to feed your soul daily. It does not have to be a major event or commitment, maybe it is opening a door for a stranger, giving directions to a visitor, making a donation to a charity to support people in need. I read recently about a lady who described herself as shy and she decided that she wanted to talk to someone she did not know every day, what a noble plan after all we are social animals and there are so many lonely people out there it is wonderful that there are people like this lady out there trying to connect and brighten another person’s day.  The list of positive things one can do is endless. But don’t forget to take care of yourself as well, exercise, paint, read, watch a Royal Wedding, meditate, practice your religion, spend time with friends or your partner be good to yourself and those around us.

Take time to try and find pure joy.


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