Live Life Well While You Still Have It

For the record I believe in synchronicity and the law of attraction having experienced both on more than a few occasions. Last December I was involved in an accident with a drunk driver and luckily escaped without injury but it could have been much worse. I believe I was being sent a message reminding me that nothing is guaranteed in this life especially how much time you have left. The accident gave me pause and after some reflection I made a promise to myself to slow down and enjoy life a lot more just like I preach to the VL tribe. But as usual the memory of that event soon faded along with the promise I made and my life once again was being consumed by writing my the new book.

It’s not good to ignore what the universe is trying to tell you.

On April 23rd I was sent another message.

I was watching television and there was breaking news about a man driving a cargo van deliberately into people on Yonge Street in Toronto. As I continued to watch I suddenly realized that this occurred right in front of the building where my wife works. On the same sidewalk she walks everyday. I desperately tried to reach her cell but she didn’t pick up. I felt sick watching what had happened switching stations hoping to find out that she was ok. I felt helpless at that moment knowing that there was nothing I could do. I kept trying to reach her cell phone. I kept thinking “Oh my God how could this be happening?” Ten innocent people dead, walking outside on this spring day, like my wife did every day.

She called and confirmed she was safe, not involved in this tragic event. I guess we were fortunate with so many innocent people killed or injured that day. It happened too close to home!

Events like this especially when it hits close to home, take the wind out of us and force us to pause and reflect. It changes us,  serves as a wake up call and hopefully causes you to start looking at life differently. Things that were so important yesterday before like finishing a book or doing your taxes, are less important today. While I’m so grateful that nothing happened to the Contessa, I know that things could have gone badly and I will never forget that.

I believe these two events sent me a message that I needed to learn before it was too late. Life is short and we need to appreciate and enjoy what we have, while we have it!  Being consumed by work is a bad habit of mine, maybe it was a good habit while I was in the corp because it made me successful. Now being consumed conflicts with my new lifestyle and that conflict is causing me stress. I don’t want to be a slave to my work and be stressed out most of the day. Life is too short. I can now distinguish between the truly important and the unimportant, I understand that happiness not enjoyed today is lost forever.
I know what I want and what I love to do. I’m going to book that trip to Hawaii that I promised to take the Contessa on when we got married but never found the time for as work/life always seemed to get in the way.

Writing books doesn’t make me happy, helping people does. Instead of waiting for the transition guide to be finished we are going to start offering retirement coaching on June 1st. I want to help people, one person at a time, now, not later.
I enjoy public speaking and doing seminars on Victory Lap so I plan on doing much more of that. I want to spend more time learning and experiencing new things. I want to get up to speed with technology and learn how to use my new go pro camera. I want to travel and experience new places and take lots of pictures. I want to do an Ironman on my 65th birthday.
I want to play more.

I’ve received two wake up calls so far, and I want to avoid receiving a third one because something inside tells me the next one won’t end well I’m grateful for another chance to live my life now while I still have it. Think I’ll go out and do a little fishing tomorrow.


If you live in or close to the GTA (within reasonable driving distance) and would like to hear one of our VL seminars simply visit your local library and ask them to contact us to do a presentation. Tell them the presentations are free, they will like hearing that.

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6 thoughts on “Live Life Well While You Still Have It

  1. Andy Reply

    ”Writing books doesn’t make me happy, helping people does.” The best line I read of your and heard come straight from your heart.
    I’m almost ready to hope in my car to experience your presentation. (live in Alberta)

    Have you heard of Creative Mornings? I attend once a month. Check them out. If you do nothing more, at least subscribe to their newsletter. They suggest the wildest web-reading each week.
    Andy (Aka Fred)🤠

    • Mike Drak Post authorReply

      No need to make the drive Andy I’m pretty sure we will get out to your neck of the woods one day and the presentations are a lot of fun. I’m going to check out that website you mentioned, Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Neil Reply

    Points well taken in this blog.
    Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour with a full recovery :-). At age 45, my priorities definitely changed !!!
    This past January, I was diagnosed with low risk Prostate cancer. Quite the reality check!!!! Prognosis is great.
    I am a member of two exclusive clubs, now.

    • Mike Drak Post authorReply

      Glad to hear the prognosis is good and speaking of exclusive clubs I joined a fishing club of all things. It’s all about gold star days for this guy from now on!

  3. Jerry Reply

    Great message Mike. My wife and I are following your VL strategy with a little twist for me. Rather than leave a job, I am working three days a week for only 1 client doing something I enjoy. Zero stress and a flexible work schedule. We both enjoy talking about how the VL approach has helped us move away from full-time work and easing into a relaxed retired life. If you are looking for people to help spread the word let us know.

    • Mike Drak Post authorReply

      Jerry I like your “comment zero stress and a flexible work schedule.” That’s the payoff from a well thought out victory lap and yes if you can help spread the message about VL that would be great.

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