Like Scrooge On Christmas Morning

Sometimes an event happens that give you a wake up call and causes you to take pause and evaluate what is happening in your lives. I had my own a couple of weeks ago.

Here is what happened to me, I had just left my mother at the nursing home and decided to drop into the local Liquor store  to pick up some wine for Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve the Contessa, who just loves Christmas, throws a big party for the tribe which always calls for some special wine to celebrate the occasion.

After paying for the wine I started to walk out of the store and that is when the action started. It was surreal like a scene out of a Terminator movie. A car drove into the parking lot and crashed heavily into the side of the car parked next to me, forcing it into my car. If I had been a few seconds earlier I would have been crushed between the two cars. But it doesn’t stop there, the driver decided to make a run for it, he pulled away jumping the parking curb and coming straight at me! Luckily he made a hard left just before me and crashed over another curb in his escape. He then barrelled towards a man riding his bike in the parking lot, fortunately the rider was able to jump off just before the car ran over his bike. There were car parts all over the place, but that still didn’t stop the driver who sped down the street trying to make his escape. I couldn’t see him anymore because it was dark but I could hear multiple crashes as he continued to plow into things trying to get away. He hit a brick wall protecting the people at the bus stop, then hit a van, ran over a fire hydrant and finally came to a stop crashing into another wall. The driver, a fellow boomer, tried to get out of the car to escape to no avail as both doors were heavily damaged. He was lucky because the people gathered around would have probably taken the law into their own hands that night.

When the fire department showed up they had to use the Jaws of Life to extract him, he didn’t seem hurt at all. I still can’t believe that no one died that night! I heard later authorities found a number of empty wine bottles in the car which may explain his behaviour.

At first I was mad about what happened but for some reason I started to feel sorry for the driver. What could cause a person to do what he did? Could life be that bad? Did he have a disease? That incident reminded me that you just never know when it is going to be your time. I’m grateful to be alive and grateful no one got hurt. Cars can be fixed and replaced but we only have one live and personally I still have a lot left to do in this life. I guess I felt a little bit like Scrooge on Christmas morning, looking forward to what was to come.

And Before We Close

This will be our last post till next year, we hope you’ve enjoyed the blog. Continue to follow us and share  your thoughts and comments please follow us on twitter @VictoryLapRetir. We’re working hard to provide you some entertaining thoughts and observations and promise next year’s blog will be even better. In January we will outline some of the fun things that we have planned for 2018.

From our families to you and yours Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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One thought on “Like Scrooge On Christmas Morning

  1. Mary-Lou Reply

    Always enjoy reading your blog – thank you for your VL insights. Merry Christmas to you & your family and celebrate the season with joy and laughter.

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