Hard Way vs.  Smart Way

One of the mistakes I made transitioning into my own Victory Lap was that I didn’t take any time off to regroup and refresh. I was suffering from “sudden retirement shock”. I wasn’t thinking clearly and I did what I always do when things are going off side, I roll up my sleeves and worked harder. I decided to go into full new business mode, I spent the better part of three years in a cave writing a book and trying to figure things out. Sure things worked out well in the end but it took a lot of time, researching, learning what I needed to know and now looking back I realize that it really didn’t have to be as hard as it was.

I also have a bad habit of always going it alone,  something I developed while working at the Corp., a John Wayne thing. I believed that asking for help was a weakness and it made me look vulnerable. I always took the hard way and would try and figure it all out by myself. That kind of thinking resulted in me not creating and benefitting from mentors. This was a major mistake I made in my career. Life could have been so much easier if only I had been more open minded and willing to ask for help and advice.

Retirement planning is one of the most important processes that you will go through in your life. Making a plan will improve the quality of your life now and in the future by providing a plan and goals. Most of us are goal oriented and achieving success in your working years, like paying off your mortgage, saving for your child’s education, etc. provides great motivation as you work towards your Victory Lap.

Since time, not money is the important asset you have, don’t DIY retirement planning.  Develop and benefit from a strong support network, it is hard to figure this stuff out on your own and, guess what, you don’t have to do it. Research, interview and make sure you find people that you can work with, retirement planning is not sprint but a marathon, find people that understand what you are going through.

You can create the life that you want and get there a lot faster than I did. If you’re struggling consider the assistance of a coach, to help keep things on track and avoid a lot of stress long the way. I only wish I had the benefit of one when I first started out. Stop being a hero and get yourself some good coaching. You will be better off for it I promise you!

A New Approach To Retirement Coaching

We are in the midst of creating a VLR transition (training) program to help people successfully cross over into Victory Lap. It’s a four month program and we will be testing it out starting Monday May 1st.  I will be serving as the guinea pig during the test period recording my experiences on the blog as we go along.  I’m excited because following the program means I finally get to do it the right way and an added benefit is that I will get healthy during the process something that I’ve been struggling with for awhile now.

Mike & Gerry’s Excellent Adventure

I would like to introduce Gerry O’Toole my new partner. Gerry and I have similar backgrounds. We both worked together at the same bank and followed a similar path into Victory Lap but unlike me he was smart enough to take some time off before starting his own VL.

I reached out to him to see if he wanted to join in the fun and luckily for me he agreed.  The benefit of us working together is that we compliment each other. He can speak computer and can handle all that tech stuff that I’m neither good at nor interest in. Teaming up allows me to play to my strengths and brings me the most joy, conducting presentations and writing.  I look forward to less stress, more fun and helping a lot of people. Isn’t that what Victory Lap is all about?

I think about it this way.  100% of nothing is nothing but 50% of something is something if you do it right and joining up with Gerry was a smart thing to do just like co-authoring a book with Jonathan was a smart thing to do. No more going it alone for this guy when there is a better, easier way. Maybe I’m getting smarter as I get older?

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4 thoughts on “Hard Way vs.  Smart Way

  1. Joe Wasylyk Reply

    Mike, just like you I also worked alone on the Seniorpreneur project. Many seniors 50+ are often stubborn and think they will be able to get the right sources together without consulting others. After being stuck in my local library trying to produce a book pen on paper I realized that I have my own limits especially dealing with high-tech situations. After finding a suitable ‘computer services specialist’ partner my own project became much easier to work on.

    • Mike Drak Post authorReply

      We are on the same page Joe. VLR is supposed to be fun not hard and it’s nice to have good partners around. On Wednesday they are going to release results from the 2016 census and it is expected to show that there are as many seniors in Canada as young people. This should result in a lot of discussions around how businesses and governments can keep people in the workforce longer, including incentives for businesses to higher older people.

  2. Simon Chan Reply

    Hi Mike, I love working in teams and finding people that complement your skills, it’s makes the journey that much more fulfilling when you can share in the successes and failures. I also can’t wait to read and follow your 4 month transition program and see the guinea pig in the living lab called life! Good luck to both you and Gerry…and as always if there is anything I can do to help, let me know! #VLR

    • Mike Drak Post authorReply

      Thanks Simon, the program will be interesting because I can’t hide and the results will speak for themselves. BTW looks like I will be at the Kitchener library giving a presentation on Monday June 12th. Hope you can make it.

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