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VLR Boot camp Week #7

Starting Weight               (237lbs)

Current Weight               (236 lbs) finally down 1 with only 36 more to go!

If I am going to hit my goal by the end of October, I need to step things up a bit. Also I have no more excuses as summer weather is finally here.  I brought my bike up from the basement and now ride to most places instead of using the car. I am riding to swim class, to the post office to mail out copies of the book, to a nearby farm to pick up fresh produce as well as visiting my mother at the nursing home. The added benefit of spending so much time on the bike is that I save wear and tear on the car and gas money a true double bonus!

Tip use an old bike and get yourselves a good lock. Most thieves will not waste the time stealing an old bike when they have so many better ones to go after. Sad that I have to mention this isn’t it?

I plan on beginning weight training in the evening before going to bed. This will give a boost to my metabolism which means that I will be losing weight while I sleep. How cool is that!

I’ve been successful avoiding desserts so all good on that front but I still need to cut down the size of my dinner and will begin using smaller plates to see if that helps.

Mentally, I feel good about things and that is a big plus because when you feel good about yourself and what you are doing how can you possibly lose?

I asked Gerry to write this week’s blog as I have been busy making presentations, and having a great time meeting people as we discuss Victory Lap. Take it away.

Find an Adventure

Hi again, as you can see Mike is on his way back to being the picture of health he was in the past. Victory Lap Lifestyle, is about having not only the financial flexibility but also and maybe more importantly the time flexibility to do what you want when you want.

In the coming weeks and months we will share with you tips and tactics to help you on your journey to becoming the real you, the person you always wanted to be, maybe even the person you thought you would be when you were a child.

This week I would like to get you thinking about an adventure you might take to get you on the path to a wonderful Victory Lap. Mike and I have always been active, except for Mike’s short interlude writing a book. Mike continues to share his story with you, for me I knew I needed to find an activity to keep me active in my mid 30s when I realized I was getting the dreaded personal inner tube waistline and my slim fit suits were testing the tensile strength of the fabric. Over a game of euchre in the fall of 1996 my neighbour at the time and I discussed a variety of topics including things we had always wanted to do, one of the things was run a marathon. We made the decision to run! Both of us had run on and off over the years but neither of us would be considered runners, fast forward to May of 1997 and we both lined up to run the Cleveland Marathon. We both finished that day and we would run the New York City Marathon a couple of years later. My friend stopped running marathons after New York but I continued on.

Over the years running has given me a lot and remains a core piece of my exercise regimen in my Victory Lap. No matter what other commitments I have I can usually find time to put on my running shoes and get out the door. Running has been one of my passions it has provided stress relieve, health, adventure, accomplishment, and opportunities for sightseeing, especially when I get lost in new cities. I have done lots of races completed 25 marathons, over 50 half marathons, eight 30k races and other  runs too numerous to mention. I continue to run races today having completed 4 half since I retired, but most of the running I do now goes back to fitness and health.

Victory Lap lifestyle is about being healthy and pushing out the best before date so we have more time to try new things and hopefully finding things that bring  joy, and if we are really lucky we may find a new  passion. The really lucky one may find this passion and turn it into a second career. I use my experience with running only to say that health is foundational for a great Victory Lap. Exercise and diet are key to pushing out your best before date, even if exercise is a chore and does not bring you joy, JUST DO IT. A healthy body will provide you with more time and energy to invest in your other adventures. Look at our Victory Lap Profile #1 if you need evidence of how being healthy helps.

Mike recently wrote a blog on suggesting you find a job where you enjoy your work, you are mentally challenged, and you are surrounded by mostly good people. That is a wonderful scenario, you may not have passion at work but there are lots of way to find adventure, and passion away from work. For most of us our goal is to be able to look back when our best before date arrives and know we lived a wonderful life with much joy, a happy healthy family, good friends and a positive legacy.  We can all have rich rewarding lives even if our job was not our passion.  Life is about balance and making trade-offs, for many early in their career, extra time had to be spent at work to progress or meet the requirements, inevitably it comes at a cost and that cost is usually time. Time with family, friends and in order to progress which lead to missed opportunities. Time that good have been spent trying new things, having an adventure, or maybe even finding your passion. In Victory Lap you now have the time to make choices and find an adventure.

So find an adventure big or small, maybe it is learning to cook, maybe it’s volunteering as an auxiliary police constable, doing magic tricks at a children’s hospital, the ones your family has seen a hundred times. Maybe it is bigger and you want to volunteer abroad, take art classes in France, see a soccer game in England, or walk on the Great Wall of China. There is much to do and once you get started you may not want to stop, Mike is still threatening to get into a shark cage for his next adventure… so you may have to hear more from me in the future!!

I am currently planning a solo cycling trip to the east coast of Canada. I have been biking for years but never have I tired a trip of this magnitude, maybe I will find my new passion, but either way it will be an adventure.

Look for updates from the road

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