Don’t Fall For The Great Retirement Con (Part 1 of 2)

magic, performance, circus, gambling, casino, poker, show concept - magician in top hat showing trick with playing cardsI don’t like to admit it, but over the years and due to circumstances largely beyond my control, I have turned into a skeptic.

I wasn’t born a skeptic, but who here can really blame me for turning into one with all the crazy stuff going on in this world? Today people seem to say anything they want. They just make stuff up. If you want proof of this, just watch the current race for the presidency in the US. Enough said.

I discovered I was a skeptic one day while drinking bottled water.  You see I used to get clean drinking water at a number of places in my house. As a matter of fact, I could even get drinking water outside my house. I just had to pick up the hose and there it was, as much as I wanted and best of all, it was basically free. I think we can all agree
that when healthy things are free that’s a pretty rare and good thing, especially these days.

But things changed after I married the Contessa and became “sophisticated”. Water was no longer free and I began a new routine of  driving to the grocery store on a regular basis to buy bottled water. But it didn’t stop there, because I now drink a particular brand of water called “Smart Water” which is probably not a very smart thing to do as it costs more than regular bottle water.

And have you read about what’s inside your bottle of water? The nutrition label is all zero’s, because there is nothing in it besides water.

When you think about, it it’s incredible how the advertisers have been able to convince us to start drinking bottled water when we all have free clean water to drink at home. I would love to meet the person who came up with the idea that we need to drink eight 8 ounce bottles of water a day in order to stay healthy.

Have you ever tried to drink eight bottles of water? It’s not easy, let me tell you.  Whoever came up with that idea must still be laughing as they count the money rolling in

In North America bottled water is a $170 billion dollar industry. I don’t know where all this bottled water is coming from, but I can’t get this image out of my head of a couple of people sitting in a bathtub somewhere filling up water bottles. That’s what being skeptical does to you.


Beware The Spin Doctors

But all joking aside, it’s important to understand that advertisers have over the years developed the ability to put a spell over us. They can make us believe something is good for us when it really isn’t, as with bottled water, or even when that thing is harmful. A good example of that last point is how they used to manipulate us into accepting that cigarette smoking was safe, cool and even sexy.  Even now I cringe when I think about it.

Back in the day the cigarette companies were worried about how the the growing health concerns over smoking would negatively affect sales and how they duped the public into thinking that cigarette smoking was safe is just incredible if not criminal. The spin doctors knew that people trusted their doctor’s and would follow their advice. They began to use medical research and physicians to convince the public that cigarette smoking was not harmful.  They advertised that cigarettes were “physician tested” and “approved.”

One of the most famous campaigns was the “more doctors” campaign for Camel cigarettes. It stated that more doctor’s smoke camels than any other cigarette. It made cigarette smoking seem safe, which it wasn’t. The reason they could truthfully say that most doctors smoked Camels is that the company was giving away free camels to all the doctors that smoked.

And you see more and more examples of this type of manipulation each and every day. Is fracking really safe for the environment? Weapons of mass destruction anyone?


Always Remember, Everything Is Created for a Reason

Advertisers are biased in that they want us to accept what they are telling us as the truth, but they never tell us the other side of the story.

They don’t tell the other side because they don’t have to and the truth doesn’t sell stuff. Your job is to always figure out the other side, the real story that they are not telling you. Try to figure out who is benefiting from the story because more often than not, you’ll find out that it isn’t you! Follow the money and you will find the truth.


So What Does Retirement Have To Do With Bottled Water?

Being skeptical made me check out retirement carefully before I took the plunge and followed the status quo.

I started reading as many books as I could on retirement and discovered, to my surprise, that retirement is not the happy ending that it was made out to be. Far from it!

To be continued…
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      Thanks, and writing the blog and expressing my personal thoughts about things is a pleasure for me!

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