Celebrating Another Milestone

I have told this story before but I wanted to keep you up to date on what we are doing with our Presentation and Coaching business. We set a target date of April 1st to get our coaching guide into edit and guess what it’s there! We are excited knowing that it will help a lot of people figure out this retirement thing having been through the ringer ourselves but it will require a lot of polishing before it’s ready to release to our coaching clients. This will be our last book on the subject and will serve as the foundation for our coaching business so we want to take our time and do it right. After that is done we will add a couple of chapters to the guide and publish it as a DIY coaching guide hopefully by the end of this year.
This will unfortunately result in delaying the formal launch of our retirement coaching business which was tentatively scheduled for spring 18, but it’s not all bad news. We will continue blog parts of the guide to help people prepare for their own transition. The sooner you start the sooner planning for your transition you will finish so our thinking is why wait when people can start making progress now. Please post questions they may have on the blog or send us an email so we can all learn from each other. Don’t be shy, remember we are all in this together.

One Remaining Big Goal Still To Knock Off

I’ve almost completed my own VL lifestyle redesign and life is so much better now. It would have been much easier to have taken a part time salaried job in the fishing department at Bass Pro (I love fishing) but I decided to swing for the fences and over three short years I’ve co-authored two books, created a website, started a blog, started my public speaking business and we are on the cusp of launching our retirement coaching business, all this from a person who was deathly afraid of public speaking and is still uncomfortable with computers and technology. So a little advance warning, please don’t tell me that your too old to do something or that your too old to learn something new because it’s simply not true and I’m living proof of that. And for the record I’m not special, just ask my wife the Contessa. She would take great pleasure in confirming that. But there is still one key area in my life that needs addressing and that is my health something that I have largely ignored over the last three years of my life.
It’s important to understand that it really doesn’t matter how much money you have if you are not healthy enough to do the things that you love doing and that is why my health is now my number one priority. I eat poorly, I eat way too much red meat and while I like the picture of me with the hat, I hate the bowling ball stomach that I developed while writing the books. It’s visceral fat the deep layer of fat that surrounds the internal organs and it is a significant health risk as it could end up clogging my coronary arteries. It’s probably part of the reason why I’m suffering from HBP and if left unchecked would likely lead to other health problems as well.

It’s time to do something about it because there it still a lot of things that I want to accomplish and experience in the years ahead. On April 2nd I became a proud participant in a six month weight loss challenge over at Younger Next Year group on Facebook. There is strength in numbers and posting my weight to the group will give me the accountability that I require. It’s not going to be easy, old habits die hard but I figure if I was able to get over my fear of public speaking, and knowing now what I’m capable of when I’m fully committed to doing something it should work out and hopefully at the end of it I will be able to get off the HBP pills that I’m currently on.

This is the last piece of the puzzle for me and the most important piece of all. If everything goes according to plan life should be even better for me by Oct. I love the thought of getting stronger and having more energy next year and then the year after that. It just makes so much sense to me and hopefully it does to you as well.
Stay tuned it should be interesting!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Another Milestone

  1. Jerry Reply

    One of the first things my wife and I did as we started our victory lap was commit to getting in shape. We both agreed that the key point was to not to diet but develop new healthier habits with no real firm timeline or weight goals. When we feel right we will stop losing weight and maintain it. It took 30 years to get it wrong so why assume we can fix it in 6 months. After year 1 we are both down over 15 lbs and enjoy our regular gym visits.

    • Mike Drak Post authorReply

      Jerry I like your approach/attitude and better yet it works!

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