Best Way To End A Nightmare Is To Wake Up

It’s starting to happen. Many boomers are waking up and are unwilling to follow the traditional retirement status quo. They are unwilling to blindly follow and do what everyone else before them has done. They refuse to allow themselves to be defined by someone else’s expectations of what they should do or not do at a certain age. They feel an urge to finally break free and express who they really are. They want to work at something that gives meaning and purpose to their lives. All I can say is it’s about time!

What Were You Really Meant To Do?

In our Victory Lap Profile # 3, Sjon de Groot shows a wonderful example of a person who used a second opportunity to work at something that he always had an interest in. Early in his life he turned down the first opportunity instead of finding work that would enable him to provide financial security for his family, but it came at a personal cost.  When Sjon was laid off late in his career he changed a challenge into an opportunity, a chance to pursue a passion and when you can do that life usually turns out pretty well.

Unlike Sjon, many of us,  go through life not having a passion. Nothing captivated me going through school. I never had a plan when I graduated from university. I was offered two jobs and I took a job with a bank where I ended up staying for thirty-six years, but I can’t honestly say that I discovered my passion while working there.  I discovered I was good at the job, I discovered skills or attributes I never knew I had and I nurtured skills that aligned with these attributes. I often wonder what would have happened if I had taken a different job? Would I have discovered other skills something I might be passionate about, I believe the answer is a definite yes.

Figure Out What You Want To Do And Then Go Do It 

I believe people can be good at and enjoy what they are doing. The challenge for most of us is how can we possibly know what we are good/bad at if we never try new things? We need to expose ourselves to other opportunities in order to discover what we are passionate about and happy doing.

Most people tend to play to their known strengths and take the safer more comfortable path. I know this because it is a mistake I made when I first started out on my own Victory Lap. We also hear these stories from people I meet at when I talk about my book. My first attempt at a Victory Lap saw me doing essentially another variation of what I had successfully done for the past thirty-six years. I still didn’t feel good about myself, and I didn’t feel good about the job. I wanted/needed more and that is when I decided to leave my comfort zone and just go for it. I tired things for the first time and discovered strengths I never knew I had. Stepping outside my comfort zone lead to become an author, a blogger and a public speaker. Who would have thought? It wasn’t easy and it was a lot of hard work but I’m finally living again. Isn’t that what life’s supposed to be all about?

We Need To Stop Searching For The Holy Grail

I get nervous seeing the word “calling” being thrown around today. In my mind I have a vision of angels playing trumpets whenever a person finally figures out their “true calling”, the one thing they were put on this earth to do. I think the angel thing rarely happens, it didn’t happen to me and I’ll bet that it won’t happen for most of you. We need to stop asking ourselves questions such as ‘What was I born to do” or “What is my calling?” Rather ask yourself this simple question, “What makes me happy?”  Most times you will find that it will be working in a place that feels comfortable with people that you like, doing work that you enjoy. It’s as simple as that. Why do we feel the need to make it more complicated than it really is?

VLR Boot Camp Week 3 & 4

Starting Weight 237

Current Weight 237.5 (I can’t lie)

Week 3 was a disaster for me and things got off the rails. Hey life happens and there is not much that you can do about that other than to ensure you get back on course as soon as possible.

Currently I’m doing walking hill repeats, swimming and some rowing. This week the weather is finally getting better and I will be bringing up the bike from the basement later today.

Earlier in the week I measured out a 7k run/walk course and tried it for the first time on Sunday with the Contessa.  The course is mostly on soft ground as it will be easier on my body as I adapt to the new program. We walk on the sidewalk sections and run on the soft parts. The Contessa seems to float along the course being much lighter than me and I follow behind pounding the ground like one of those Budweiser Clydesdales, but I got it done and that is all that really matters. Afterwards we went to the local grocery store Longo’s to buy a couple of burgers for a barbeque and I picked a package of turkey burgers by mistake. Maybe it was a sign as I never did finish that burger!

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