Another Busy Week

Another busy week, and another lunch presentation to a group of clients for a local wealth management firm. We enjoy getting the Victory Lap message out and sharing our experiences with people going through their own encore career. If you would like us to present to your club, meeting or at a client event contact us to discuss.This weeks blog I would like to give you a couple of observations to follow up our blog on heath and fitness from last week.

It is summer time, well almost, and our social calendar is filling up, it is to the point now that we can barely keep up with the number of invitations and opportunities available to us. It is in fact difficult to get “me” time. A good problem to have, but it is funny how extremely busy we are now… in retirement. It is a different type of busy not with the stress that comes along when we were in our work career, we have the opportunity to meet friends, attend events, find new interests, reconnect with old acquaintances, hopefully you are having the same problems.

This weekend we connected with long time former work friends. As we have suggested in past blogs many of our friends and readers have reinforced the idea that once you leave the routine of work to keep you connected, you will probably find there are very few “true” friends from work. We have been blessed to have a small group of true friends made through work. The type of friends that you can “hit the ground running” when you see them, no matter the time in between visits. The type of friends where conversation comes easily and is not driven by stories of the good old work days but rather conversations around what is happening today, politics, history, family, travel, etc.. It goes to show that the frequency of visits does not drive friendships but it is also true that we need to nurture our friendships with regular contact.

This weekend I was a little surprised to see how many of the conversations was around health, it was not around aliments, or operations, or how “that food does not agree with me”, although there was some of that. Instead the chat was around healthy lifestyle, cycling, yoga, diet, smoothies and vegetarian recipes. It was an organic, pun intended, conversation but it was clear that people were thinking more about their health. I wondered if our parents would have had the same conversation back in the day? I suspect not, I remember my parents retirement talk around travel, grand children etc.,  not as much on being healthy, but more around being busy.  This weekend we did a group walk each morning for 1 hour. Funny enough our friends at Booming Encore just published an article on walking, have a read.  Our group would walk in twos or threes with everyone moving between groups chatting away before we knew it we walked for 1 hour. As you have probably seen from previous blogs we are fairly committed to exercise, if you are not so committed or want to get started try and find friends and book a date. You can also find groups at the local running (walking) store, most offer regular running or walking programs. The hardest step with anything is the first step out the door. If you can find a group you will find it far easier to get out the door, and then get into a routine.

On the topic of diet many Boomers are trying to eat healthier, in my circle of friends most are taking a “healthy” approach, reduce red meat, more veggies, simple changes. The radical changes we have seen in past with fades are gone. The key to changing your diet to one that you can stick with is to find a balance, it is unlikely if you go cold turkey off carbs, or meat, or heaven forbid beer, that you will be able to stick with it long term. Introduce little changes that you can stick with more veggies, less white bread, more whole grains, once you get into a healthy routine it will be easier to continue to tweak your diet.

As we wrote last week health and fitness is key to a successful Victory Lap and both can be accomplished through  changes in your diet and exercise plans. You need to drive these changes but there are lots of people out there who want to make the same changes so get out there  and find them, whether in your current circle of friends or in your community. The first step to change is always the hardest.

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