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I’m smiling as I type this as I’m still feeling the effects of last night’s swim workout. After the swim I could hardly keep my eyes open, I was done. My body was sore all over, not a bad kind of sore, the kind of sore you get from pushing yourself after not doing an activity for a very long time.

I’ve been going to the gym and pool on a regular basis since early January and I am amazed by the number of people in their seventies and eighties who work out on a regular basis. I’ve come to know a few of them, their stories and I’m in awe of the lifestyles that they have created. These people are not the type to sit on the couch and watch the world go by. We can learn a lot from these “older” people.
I would love to see some of them do a stress test against the average fifty year old and if I could bet on the outcome I would make a lot of easy money they are that good. They just get it and have made healthy living a big part of their new lifestyle and they will reap the returns on their health investment for many years to come.

The new Victory Lap Transition Guide is almost finished and is due into the editor in April. Getting this project off my plate will free up a lot of time just in time for the weather change in May when I will go outside jump on my bike and start riding my butt off. It was a hard slog writing the guide and as usual was all consuming, but I’m sure it will be worth it. I know I’m biased, but it is a good book and I’m sure it will help a lot of boomers ready themselves for the next stage of their lives. We didn’t include the word “retirement” in the title because we advocate that retirement, in the traditional sense, just does not make sense anymore. Let’s just say we believe it’s foolhardy to stop working well before your “best before” date. The book is all about “lifestyle redesign”, for people leaving their primary career in their fifties or sixties, before the historical “retirement age” but still looking to accomplish more in their working career. Sound familiar? It is a regular occurrence these days, and if it has not happened to you I am sure you know someone who has had the experience. The good news is that if your financial house is in order, you get to choose what to do with the next phase of your life, and guess what it can be on your terms. Isn’t that refreshing after so many years of being told what to do and taking orders.

I know this will be my last book for a while, so I will be taking some time to get it finished and polished and when I am satisfied we will release it probably in the fall. I can tell you from experience, writing books is hard work and time consuming. Time is the great equalizer for all of us and I want to invest more of my time in other pursuits including training for my return to Ironman. We will continue to blog sharing our thoughts on lifestyles, boomers doing great things and other subjects of interest. Also follow our website in the Where Is Mike section to find if we are presenting in your area, as we take our message across the country. I love presenting, meeting fellow boomers and hearing their stories. For our readers in the USA we hope to take our show on the road and tour the USA before we go global, how is that for ambitious!
But wait there is more.

In addition to our new book starting May 1st we will be launching our retirement coaching services something we are really excited about. It will allow us to help others create their own version of a low stress healthy fulfilling lifestyle. Life is far from over after you leave your first career, there is a lot of runway left giving people a wonderful opportunity to create a lifestyle that can be longer than their “work” career. How exciting is that?

We know we can help people transition through this process, because we have learned from our own experience. Some of our learning came through hard lessons along the way and our ongoing learning from the retirement and lifestyle community. We are lifestyle experts, people who have “been there, done that” and are now in a position to help others. In short we bring a lot to the table. Sometimes I think we were meant to be lifestyle coaches. It is as if we were unknowingly being prepared for this new purpose in our lives. Our former employer invested thousands of dollars in us, to give us a tool belt of skills which include personal finance management, personal and business financial planning, course design, people management and coaching. In addition over the years we have counselled numerous people start, build or buy a business. We can certainly act as a sounding board if you are looking at starting your own business. Starting a new business is not easy you need to plan, research and do your due diligence, and understand the risks you are taking with your retirement assets. We’ve seen what can happen if you plan poorly and don’t do enough due diligence, hint it does not do well. Finally we both have a long track record of being endurance athletes and would be happy to help you get back on your path to healthy.
So while there is a lot going on it’s all good, and it all fits. It’s nice seeing a plan come together!

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2 thoughts on “Victory Lap Lifestyle Design

  1. Simon Reply

    I love following your journey and I’m looking forward to reading the transition guide. As you know I love the Retirement coach idea and think there are plenty of people that can benefit from your collective wisdom (Gerry and Mike).

    • Mike Drak Post authorReply

      Thanks Simon. It took three years to get here but was well worth it. We have created a wonderful lifestyle for ourselves and now can enjoy that lifestyle for many years to come and even better we get to help a lot of people along the way.

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