101 Awesome Things #10- Learn Something New

One of the keys to a wonderful, rewarding Victory Lap is to continue to keep your mind active. In VL take a course, expand your horizons, and challenge your mind. Maybe it is a general interest course in philosophy, political science, or a new language. Have you dreamed about being the person that pulls out a guitar or plays the piano to lead a sing along, go for it.  Have you always wanted to tap your inner artist, writer, or photographer? If you are really lucky you may be able to turn your hobby into a side hustle to make a little money. Even if you don’t want to sell your work you can decorate your home or bring joy to friends and family.  Maybe your interests are more practical, woodworking, small engine repair, or bike maintenance. Again it does not have to generate money but think of the confidence you will have if something breaks down and even better no need to pay that repair man.

Learning does not stop when you leave your first career, in fact it may be a time to start something new.

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