101 Awesome Things #8 – Volunteer

My wife and I just finished volunteering at our local community Winter Carnival for, we think, the 21st year. This community event is run by volunteers and it just celebrated its 50th  anniversary. It is a big undertaking with a core group of about 20 people from the community that put in countless hours to put on this event. This  core group of people volunteer year after year and they are not getting any younger. We wonder where the next group of volunteers will be coming from?Truth be told my wife has spent far more hours than I have over the weekend and over the years, and I spent well over 15 hours helping this weekend. As I wake up this morning tired and sore, I had forgotten how hard it was to balance work and volunteering during my working years. Today I don’t have to prepare for work, I can get up, do my exercise, write the blog, and as Awesome Thing #4 says, Take a Nap.

Seriously though there are so many people and organizations that need our help, so get out there and volunteer, there is no more noble way to give back. I know I should do more volunteering and it is on my to do list.  In retirement we can now choose to make time to help out and this is a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.

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2 thoughts on “101 Awesome Things #8 – Volunteer

  1. Mary-Lou Schagena Reply

    Volunteering is great! It’s an opportunity to give back, keep your skill sets fresh and network. I’m currently the Volunteer Library Assistant for the Bereaved Families of Ontario in Waterloo Region. I am currently culling, organizing and cataloguing their community lending library. I love books and I’ve always wanted to work in a library. This twice a week commitment brings a lot of satisfaction, while learning a new industry.

    • Gerry O'Toole Post authorReply

      Good on you. Yes so many worthwhile causes and opportunity to learn. Win Win.

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