101 Awesome Things #7-Find Your Tribe

Each year many of us make some New Year’s resolutions and sign up for a new gym membership at one of those fancy clubs. We all want to get fit, or lose some weight, and start eating healthy. But the truth is it’s hard getting exercise by going for a swim at the community pool, hitting the roads for a run  or visiting the gym when it is 20 below outside.  To avoid being one of those people who by February has already fallen off the resolution wagon, I have minimized the risk of quitting, by going out and finding a “tribe” that has my same focus, values and goals.

Joining a suitable tribe is one of the best ways to stick to your resolution as you benefit from the companionship. You are all on the same journey and you will discover that you have a lot in common with each other. Tribes serve as mutual support networks. It’s much easier to adopt good habits when everyone around you is already practicing them. If you are looking to join a group look at the people around you, look for the people that will inspire and motivate you to be the person you want to evolve into and  help you accomplish your goal.  Over time through the inspiration of your tribe members and by doing the work you will gain strength and confidence. Trust me on this, joining a tribe will make you feel good, because you are part of a common cause and you will have a great time associating with great people. Recently I joined a new tribe on Facebook called “Younger Next Year” (YNY) to help get me ready for an Ironman I have planned after I turn sixty-five in October 2019.

Let fellow blogger Fitz Gilbert at The Retirement Manifesto describe the YNY tribe in detail. Have a read.

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